Monday, April 7, 2014

Choice-Based Learning for 1st and 2nd grade

I  decided to take my choice-based classroom that I currently use for my preK students down the street to my first grade and second grade artist and it has been absolutely wonderful!!! I have set up different centers around the room and each day my kiddos come in and get to pick their center based on their behavior and attitude! 

Computer Center: 2 students on my laptop & 2 students on our classroom computer. 
I found some great websites that offer digital painting, animating, drawing, and more! (still looking to develop this center a bit more)

iPad Center: 2 students
A huge shout out to my little sister for donating her old iPad to our classroom (thanks Boo). Here are some of the apps that have been keeping my digital artists entrained. I am currently using an older ipad so I am limited in the app selection...maybe a DonorsChoose  project for a new iPad is in order!

Painting Centers: 3 students
one table has water color paints and the other table is  tempera cakes. I think I am going to mix in some different painting tools for them to experiment with. The students are required to sketch out their painting before they can pour their own water cup. I simply fill up a pitcher and allow them to pour it when they feel they are ready to add the paint!

Drawing from books Center: 4 students
The kids really love to learn how to draw different faces and animals! I have always had  mixed emotions about drawing books but I have come to realize that they are great confidence builders and the kids go CRAZY over them!

New Medium Exploration Center: 4 students
This table is constantly going to be changing mediums. I am starting off with chalk and and oil pastels. I will probably have a collage table one day with scrap paper and magazine clippings! Around this table I have hung some different drawing ideas to help the students think of ideas!

Art Games: 4 students
I am in love with these art related games and my students have been enjoying them as well!

sketch for a painting: some how this student managed to sneak some markers into their piece...mixed media
1st grade painting: a prometheus flower

animating: digital art

1st grade paint center

1st grade Medium Exploration: Miami Heat

iPad Center

art games: Whatchamadrawit we use white boards!

ipad center

drawing books

2nd grade water color center
art game center: Art Memory

Friday, March 21, 2014

Artist of the week

This week we are getting ready for spring (no more snooow)! We have been exploring bright colors, tints & shades, and new artists/cultures! 2nd grade look at the famous pop artist Wayne Thiebaud and practiced making their own tints for our large ice cream cones. 1st grade dreamed about the warm spring sun as we looked at the aztec sun stones and created our own sun stone patterns full of warm bright colors! Here is a look at my artists that worked super hard in our room this week...
Saleem 2nd Grade
Khalieah 2nd Grade

Jemi 2nd Grade

Trevar 2nd Grade
Malaysia 1st Grade

Sage 1st Grade
Shaniayah 1st Grade

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artist of the week

2nd Grade Mixing Tints: Mahmud
1st Grade: Kandinsky Tamyah
1st Grade: Kandinsky Edward
1st Grade: Kandinsky Angel
2nd Grade Portraits: Kaylen, Imani, Daquan
2nd Grade Portraits: Nakayah
2nd Grade Portraits: Mahogony 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loving Kinetic Sand

I am IN LOVE  with our new sensory center for the preK students! I recently came across a post about Kinetic Sand and I was very intrigued so I gave it a try...I am so happy I did! My kiddos have had a great time exploring, building, and playing with the sand. It feels like a mix between wet sand and playdoh. The best part about the sand is the clean up...the sand does not break up into tiny little pieces,  it is so easy to gather it all together off the table and dump it back in the containers!!! I purchased it from here

I just ordered the smaller size but I think I might go back and order the larger box

I placed a handful of the sand in four different containers
you can let it fall like real sand
or give it a squeeze to shape it
we used some simple wooden tools to explore with
we love Kinetic Sand

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artist of the week

Hip hip hoorrraaay for our hardworking artists!
This week 2nd grade continued to develop their portraits. Due to the crazy winter some of my classes have started to paint and some of them are just getting started on the proportions worksheet. It has been amazing to see my 2nd graders feel more confident when drawing a face...we have been practicing taking it slow and breathing through the difficult parts! I have also discovered that my 2nd graders are a bunch of singers, I made up a song about the color wheel and we have had a blast singing it in class!

1st grade is also all over the place right now. Some classes have finished their penguin landscapes and my poor "B" day kiddos still need to paint their Amate Bark drawings (I am ready for the warm more snow days). Regardless of the days missed I am feeling great about these lessons and it is so nice to see each child feel like a true artist! 

Jamal 2nd Grade Self Portrait
Aria 1st Grade Penguin Lanscape
Jamie 2nd Grade Proportion Worksheet
Miyona 2ns Grade Self Portrait painting phase 1
2nd Grade
Serenity 1st grade Penguins
Alana 1st grade Kandinsky circles
Rosa 1st grade Peguins
Nasisy 2nd Grade Self Portrait

Joseph 1st grade Amate Bark Painting

Friday, February 21, 2014

Creative expression this week

Here is a little peak at some of our artwork from this week. Second grade has been working on their primary and secondary self portraits. First grade is finishing up their penguins (they have been learning about penguins in the classroom as well so or was a great connection lesson). Kindergarten has been busy celebrating the Olympics and Russian architecture (no photos here but I will post some soon). And my little preK artists have been busy stamping and mixing colors